Coding C# in Vim

I’ve been looking for guides for how to do .NET development in Vim, because Vim has long appealed to me for a variety of reasons too esoteric to get into right now. And, despite it being what I’m using to write this post, I’m hungry to get away from Visual Studio Code and its “I’m secretly Javascript running on Chrome don’t tell anybody”; I mean, I’ve used WAY worse web-simulacra-of-native-apps (I’m glaring at you, Descript), but still. Code is a little janky (for some reason, File > New Window doesn’t seem to work anymore) and I don’t need my text editor to swallow 2GB of RAM when I’m not using it.

ANYWAY, I’m bookmarking this article because it looks helpful. Actually, just looks all over like the kind of site I want to have. So, also bookmarked for inspiration.