OmniFocus is one of these accessories for my ‘aspirational’ life. You know, I want to be this disciplined, highly-organized and productive person, and this tool should help me do that.

But really, I’ve owned a license to this app on both the Mac and iOS for years, and never really succeeded in using it to run my life.

Well, one of my themes for the new year is to be more accepting of things like that, but not to give up on them. So I’ve been taking a course, David Sparks’s OmniFocus Field Guide, and getting back into using the app. Figuring out how to replace the built-in Reminders app with it, etc. Working on building routines.

I’m steeling myself for three months from now when I realize I’ve abandoned it again, but my provisional plan for dealing with that is just… to start again.

Lot of things this year gonna be like that, probably. And, I hope.

More notes on OmniFocus as I get into the groove.